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Rainy Doughnuts & Coffee

Hi Guys, how is everyone doing???

Today is a nice and Rainy day. I woke up early and I could hear the rain outside of my window. How nice if we can stay in bed on rainy days, right? I’d love too. But just like most of you, I also have to get up and start my day. Today’s going to be a busy but not unusual day. And telling the truth, I like days like this. Sometimes if I have nothing to do because I’m off, I end up getting so bored, I feel lazy, and even my body starts to ache. I don’t feel like working out, I don’t feel like doing anything.

But anyway, this rainy days also brings to me so many good memories. I remember on rainy days my gradmother would make us a little doughnuts that she calls ” rainy doughnuts” because they are special for the rainy days. They are so good!! And it’s not just the doughnuts, it’s all the good moments this “rainy doughnuts” brings along. As soon as it is done, she sets up the table, she makes a fresh coffee, hot milk, fresh bread, we sit down all of us together and it goes on all afternoon long. We simply love it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the rainy days also makes me feel a little bit more introspective but on a positive way. I think about my life, my family, and everything around me. The noise of the rain really has a calming effect. I try to slow down my thoughts and to see everything on a different perspective. 

It’s also really a nice time to watch a movie. I miss the time when I was on 7th grade, I used to come home from school, have lunch and lay down on the couch watching tv and of course, 10 minutes later, I would be sleeping. What a life! So nice those afternoon naps! No worries (maybe just a little bit about the test next day, but I could study later!)

I know I told you guys I’d post my Potato Salad recipe on the next post, but I don’t wanna mix subjects. So today I will post the famous “Rainy doughnuts”, and the Potato Salad on the next post. How about that?


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Wheat Flour enough to become a dough.
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • Sugar and Cinnamon


  1. Mix all the ingredients until it becomes a dough, not too soft nor as hard.
  2. Heat a pan with enough oil so the dough can float
  3. When the oil is hot, start putting spoonfuls of dough and lower the heat so the doughnuts does not get raw on the inside, fry until they get a golden.
  4. Place the doughnuts on a paper towel to drain the oil. 
  5. Roll them on sugar with cinnamon if you like, our pour both on top of the doughnuts.

You can either eat warm or cold. Enjoy!!




Have a cupcake day!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

I woke up today and just realize that today is Cinco de Mayo! Two awesome things come to my mind on Cinco de Mayo: my sweet girl from Arksansas birthday (Happy super birthday Juli!!) and Mexican food.

For those who love mexican food like me, it’s a day that allows you to make an excuse and jump into a Mexican Dinner night!

Any kind of celebration is always welcome, so why not invite some friends over and have some fun?? Or, go out and have some delicious mexican food? There’re a lot of restaurants and bars around you celebrating the date. The only thing you cannot do, it’s don’t do anything!

I’ve seen a lot of recipes for tacos, tamales, enchiladas, but since I’m always interested on the sweet stuff, I decided to go for the dessert.

I’m posting here one of my favorite family recipe. Very tasty, easy to make and simply delicious Pudin de Leche.


-1 tablespoon flour

– 1 can of condensed milk

– 2 cups of Milk

– 3 eggs


– 2 cups of sugar



– Put sugar into a pan and take to the stove. Wait until the sugar start to melt. When it’s completely melted, you can add a cup of water.

(Be careful, because at this point its going to pop all over the pan and you don’t want to get burned.)

– Wait until it become a caramel, then you can turn the fire off. Your caramel is ready.


– Blend all the ingredients on the blender.

– Pour the caramel into a bundt pan followed by the blended ingredients.

– Bake in water bath for 20 minutes.

– Allow to cool to unmold. You can take to the refrigerator and unmold only when serving.

Hope you love it just like me!

Have a cupcake day!