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Help Stop Bullying!!

Hi everyone,

I know the purpose of this blog is to talk about things that bring happiness to our lives. But  today, when I was reading the news looking for a subject to write an essay about it, I found something that really touched me and I decided to share with you. Hope you all have a wonderful evening and let’s think about this, ok?

Children getting bullied at School. When are we going to wake up?

Watching the News on the Internet, I found this video presented by a popular news channel: an eleven years old boy took his life away because he was getting bullied at school. The News channel also provided us a video shown on You Tube where the 11 year-old explains he was getting bullied because of his sexual orientation. He realized he was different from the other boys and most of his friends were girls. On an interesting note, he mentioned how much support he was getting from people who were not his family.

The number of children getting bullied at school has risen on a daily basis and unfortunately parents, caregivers and teachers haven’t noticed on time, especially on those cases involving sexual orientation. Despite how much information provided by the media and the knowledge we have about it, we still living in a society unable to accept certain facts and totally unprepared for the matter.

I think for most parents, is somewhat a difficult task, dealing with a child who is discovering herself sexually different from others. Information of how to talk to your child and how to support them, are rare, not to say, impossible to find on those million books parents read when they are pregnant, or want to learn how to make their kids to behave. These books don’t prepare parents to deal with the matter, don’t teach them how to identify if you child is getting bullied at school, if your child is one of the bullies, or even if your child has signs of having a different sexual orientation.

The way of improving how the society will deal with these problems, is providing parents, teachers, caregivers and students bullying seminars and orientation. Draw theirs’ attention to any behavior that implies signs of someone who is getting bullied or the ones who are bullying their friends. For this and many other reasons, parents need to be prepared and know how to deal with the situation, not only at home with their own children but with the school and how to approach them about the problem.

The subject also needs to be more and more disseminated by the media. Everyone needs to be concerned about the lives of this kids and how they are growing, the environment we are providing to them and learn that who they are and who they will be is part of all of us job in the society. No one is  impunity for acts committed in our society.

We spend so many hours on the Internet, using Facebook, Twitter to share our thoughts and pictures, why we don’t start to use these tools to spread our knowledge about something that might change someone’s life. It is past time for us to open our eyes for the real world. We are living in an Era where human beings have the rights to choose whatever they want for themselves. The big question is, how long will take for us to accept it?