For the days that all you need it's a cupcake!

Ahhh Friday!

Good morning everyone,

How was your week? Well, my week was busy yet great.

As usual, all my friends on facebook were posting things like: ” Is it friday yet?”, “God, I can wait for friday!”, and things like that. But I was actually on the opposite team. I didn’t want friday to come and I wished the week would pass by really slow. The reason is because I wasn’t working this week. I didn’t plan much to do, once everyone else was working. So I tried to have some fun by myself, try new recipes, visit new restaurants and places that I haven’t been before. But I will save this for another post.

I was here thinking what could I blog about on this post, and something came on my mind: COFFEE. All old and good coffee. I know the americans love coffee as much as the brazilians do, no doubt! It always remind me so much my grandma, sitting down with her for breakfast and talk about life. I miss her so much!

Something about our coffee makes it really tasty and special. It something that makes you feel home, comfy. As much as I try not to drink too much coffee, I can’t stay away from it. First thing on my mind when I wake up is coffee. Black and simple. Nothing else and I my day goes by really happy and smooth. Today wasn’t different. I woke up and made myself coffee. Nothing better to enjoy your coffee with toast. Then you spread the butter on top of you toast and you can watch the butter melting on your hot toast. Yumyyyyyy!!



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