For the days that all you need it's a cupcake!

I’m back baby!

I’m back! Back to my blog life…

Well, it’s never late, right? And life is not perfect. Sometimes we plan to do things one way and we end up doing something totally diferent.

It has been exactly a month since my last post. I thought I was stronger and my passion for writing a blog would be always and the only motivation I needed to always create great posts and I thought I’d always have something to write about it, because I talk a lot, so we assume that I always have something to say.
Wrong, wrong and wrong. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in front of a paper and pen or the keyboard, it’s just so hard to find words. But that’s the magic of blogs. And I just realized how silly I’ve been for thinking that I should constantly be giving myself and everyone’s else explanations when I don’t write on my blog.

The reason was very simple. I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t know what to write about it. I was feeling kind of vague. I couldn’t find inspirations to write and the days were going by so fast, I was very busy. A lot of things to figure it out. Gosh, I even wish I could write everything down and maybe find solutions. But well, we know things don’t work like that.

I was also always thinking:  “I have to write a huge post, so everyone will read”.

But then today, I was watching Sex and the City and Carry Bradshaw writing on her blog it’s really inspiring and made me think: “Why not?’  Why shouldn’t I try at least and see what would pop out of my mind and even if was just a bunch of words, nothing very solid, these are my thoughts and my blog. I should feel free to write whatever I want to, right? So here I am!

Just a quick update about what is going on: I got a new friend!!! He’s such a lovely and playful friend and now I feel he just came to add more color to my life and somehow to shorten how I miss my dog back home. His name is Pepper. A cute labrador mix.

June: First Anniversary!

This past month me and my love celebrated our first anniversary. I can’t believe it has been one year already. It seems like yesterday and It was such a wonderful year.  So I just want to say one more time how much I love you baby! Thanks for all your support, for your love and patience. You’re the best!!

All right guys, see you soon!

Have a cupcake night!



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