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Manicure & Pedicure

Hi everyone, how is your weekend going so far?

I’m having a wonderful weekend, very relaxing and cozy. Friday night I went to my friend’s birthday. We didn’t stay for to long because we both, me and my boyfriend were not feeling good. He has the alergies driving him crazy and I had a bad stomach ache. Too bad =( But mission was accomplished, I gave my friend Cris a big hug and her gift.

Saturday we decided to take it easy. No big plans, so we just slept in and had lunch. In the afternoon I decided to get my nails done and I went to one of this places around the city that we have never been, but who cares, they are all the same afterwards. I’m sorry for whoever disagree with me, but that’s how I feel. Not so say bad things about this places, sometimes I’m luck enough to get a great job done on my nails. But sometimes, I feel that I could had done better (maybe!!).

I know I wasn’t born to do my own nail and my eyebrown and things like that. My sister, OMG, she does everything by herself, she even cuts her own hair. And guess what? Her hair cut is always super nice. I wish I could do it. I can do it (if I really want, I can learn how to do it), but the truth is: I love to have someone doing for me! I love to have someone washing my hair, giving a massage on my hands and feet, oh yes, feels soooo good! So I got a great job done yesterday and I choose to do the French Nails and now I feel fresh and great that my nails are looking neat. Nothing better then take care of yourself. Even my boyfriend liked so much how my nails looks with the French nails that he wants me to always do like this from now on. At night, we made spaghetti with meatballs for us and we watched ” Little Fockers”. So much fun.

Sunday has just begun and we still on the “take it easy” mode. I have a meeting now at 3pm, it’s going to be a cook out (hopefully the rain is not gonna bother the plans) and I have to bring a side dish with me. I choose to make a brazilian Potato Salad…. I’ll post the recipe on the next post. Keep it tuned!

To end our great weekend, we had a birthday party after my meeting. Oh boy…what a nice weekend!

Happy Birthday to my cousin Nathalia. I wish you all the best!!

A wonderful Sunday for all of you and a great week.

Have a cupcake day!


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