For the days that all you need it's a cupcake!

 Friends, Fun and Cupcakes!

What a busy week. But it’s gone. The days are passing by so fast that I just realized that  it’s friday already. Yesterday I was off so I decided to sleep in a little bit, just take my time and relax.

The big plan of the day was to have lunch with a new friend. I had such a great time and gave me lots of ideas and energy to keep going. It’s always nice to get to know people, make friends, laugh, say non-sense things.I love to have girls time and every woman should do it once in awhile.  We are always so busy and of course as a result, we are always so tired that we hardly dedicate few hours to sit down, talk about important and unimportant things with our friends or even spend time by ourselves, getting to know us better. So go ahead, give yourself some time, allow you to have some fun and go for it. Call a friend and go grab a coffee or something!

May: The Birthday Month

As my sister always say: May is the Birthday month! We have so many birthdays on May that sometimes we cannot even go to all of them. So here are my special wishes of  Happy Cupcake Birthday to:

May 13 –  Nicole and Cristiane;
May 15- Nathalia 

 Enjoy your day girls! May all your wishes come true!

And for all of you I wish a wonderful weekend, with lots of friends, fun and of course Cupcakes!

Have a Cupcake Day!




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