For the days that all you need it's a cupcake!

Mother’s Day

I’m trying to find words to describe the thoughts and feelings, and everything else that I’d like to tell all the mothers today. I realized that it’s a tough choice. There’re so many words, but hardly one that completely describe a mother.

Two days ago, I went to the kids that I take care of school for a grandparents day. Right, I’m not a grandmother neither a mom, but I was the only one available to go, so I did with pleasure. And for my surprise, I had such a wonderful experience.
When I got there, I sat down close to a lady. Very nice lady. She looked at me and smiled, then she said: – “You’re not a mom, are you?” I said: – “No, I’m a nanny., but I came to represent the kids family, once there’s no one but me available to come. She smiled back to me and said: – ” That’s so nice of you.” And that sweet lady, just like that, started a conversation with me.

She was very proud of her granddaughter, and showed me an art project her granddaughter had done, which was a picture of both of them baking cupcakes! So she explained to me that, religiously every friday her grandkids come to her house after school, and they spend the rest of the afternoon baking cupcakes and cookies. Afterwards, they give their goodies to the neighbors and say thanks to their family and friends.

She showed me a picture album of her two daughters and their families that she carries with her everywhere.

When I asked her if she has a son, she paused for a moment than opened one more of her cozy smiles and said: – “This is one here”. Pointing to the picture on her hand. -” He is my son. His mom passed away few years ago and his father passed away when he was 19 years old, so me and my husband adopted him as our son”. I felt so touched by the way she was telling me that, that I tought about my grandmother and the four children she adopted after their mother passed away. She has eight children, and she didn’t doubt about the idea of bring four more kids home.

Unfortunatelly, I had to leave but I learned that, no matter if you have your own kids or not, a mom is the most pure demonstration of love, patience and care. If you have love to share, that’s all that you need to be a mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, Thank you so much for those times that you woke up with me crying in the middle of night. Thanks for the patience, for the understanding, for the advices. Thanks for being always there to me. I love you, always.

Have a Cupcake Day!!!


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