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A week later…

Hi everyone,

How is everyone doing?? It has been a while since my last post. I apologize! I was not feeling so good last week, I had sore throat and earache, plus my allergies that are my best friend and follow me every where. Anyway, things were going crazy inside of me and the last thing I could think was posting something on the blog. But thanks GOD, everything is better now.

Putting everything aside, let’s look forward and be happy. A new week has started and I’m getting excited for the days to follow.

A great news from this week, Saturday, May 28th, my cousin Januaria had her baby girl! OMG, my family is thrilled. We love to have new babies around. I wish so bad I could be there at this moment, but I can’t, so here is to register my happiness for them:

“A new baby in a family is a blessing in all the ways. 
It’s something that bring to us a new way to see life, to smile,
a new way to look around us and to believe that
there’s always a new beginning”.

Welcome to this crazy-wonderful world Joana Maria. We are very pleased to have you here!

Januaria and Marcio, thank you so much for giving us this gift!

I also want to say Happy Belated Birthday to my cousin Junior! His birthday was also on Saturday, May 28th. 

Gosh, this family is full of birthdays on May!! =)

Well, today I’m having a down time day. I came to starbucks 4 hours ago and I’m still here. I’m trying to catch up with my virtual life. I wish you all a wonderful week and see you soon!

Have a Cupcake Day!!





Can you really stop working on Friday?

Hey everyone,

T.G.I.Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I’m sure that’s the day of the week that everybody is looking forward to. But guess what? Some people even on a friday cannot leave the stress and problems of the past week behind and enjoy a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

The mind seems to be so in motion all the time during the week, that is hard to slow down and take easy. Sometimes we don’t realize, but this can be a sign of Stress. A lot of people is suffering with the symptoms of stress and has no idea or just don’t want to believe.

When you feel that you have more on your plate that you can handle or more that you are used to, you have a  big chance to initiate stress. If everything bothers you, you never  feel calm and relaxed, you might be going through stress.  The picture below show us how our body, mind, emotions and behavior reacts to Stress: (click on the image to enlarge)

I’m sure you can find a lot of informations online, but I found an article in one of my boxes and I’d like to share with you guys:

 20 tips for Stress Magagement

1- UNDERSTAND STRESS. Recognize what situations set you off and have a plan to help ease those stressful situations.

2- LET IT GO. Concentrate on the things you can change. Let go of the things are beyond your control.

3- SHARE YOUR FEELINGS. Talk to your friends and family. Sometimes simple conversation about how you feel can help relieve stress.

4- GET ORGANIZED. Don’t procrastinate. Focus on one task at a time. Once it is finished, then go to another task. This helps eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed and can motivate you to keep going.

5- LEARN TO SAY “NO”. Saying “no” to extra projects, social activities and invitations can be difficult and takes practice, but is important to allow “alone” time for yourself and your family. Remember, it’s OK to say “no”.

6- PICK YOUR BATTLES. If you know you are right, stand your ground in a calm and rational manner. Be flexible, take other people’s opinion into account, and don’t be afraid to compromise. Arguing only intensifies stressful situations.

7- EXAMINE EACH SITUATION. Look at each situation differently. Don’t automatically slip into old responses that are not effective for you.

8- CHANGE NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR. Approach tasks in a positive manner. Target situations and people that support positive behavior patterns.

9- BE PATIENT. Expect to wait. Take a book, magazine or newspaper in case you are stuck waiting in line for an extanded period of time.

10- LAUGH. Laughter is the best medicine. Take time to find the humor in stressful situations.

11- GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Getting plenty of sleep can asist in making day-to-day stresses easier to deal with.

12- EXERCISE. Let out that built-up stress by exercising at least 20-30 minutes three times a week. This benefits both your mind and body.

13- BREATHE. Learn and practice relaxation techniques. When you feel yourself getting stressed, stop and take several slow deep breaths before you begin to deal with the situation.

14- EAT WELL-BALANCED MEALS. Good nutrition is crucial. Make sure to eat a variety of healthy foods from the food guide pyramid and limit intake of caffeine and alcohol.

15- CREATE QUIET TIME. Take a few moments every day to listen to music, relax, pray or meditate to help clear your mind.

16- CHECK YOUR BODY LANGUAGE. If your body feels tense and rigid, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders and neck and stand tall. Don’t forget to SMILE. =)

17- ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS. Learn to accept praise from yourself and others. Recognize when you have reached a goal, completed a difficult task or stayed calm in a stressful situation.

18- TREAT YOURSELF. Take time to do something you enjoy. Whether it is reading, gardening, or getting a massage, set aside time to indulge yourself.

19- ALLOW YOURSELF TO MAKE MISTAKES. You are not superman/superwoman, so don’t expect perfection from yourself and others. Accept that you live in an imperfect world and forgive yourself and others for mistakes or imperfections.

20- STILL NEED HELP? Make an appointment with your health care provider.

Just chill out, because today IT’S FRIDAY!!!!

Have a Cupcake weekend!!

What’s for dinner tonight?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a cupcake day!

It seems that the rainy days will be around for a while so does the allergies that doesn’t leave me alone! It makes me feel so tired and gives me a wonderful headache. Do you guys have any tips for allergies? Besides all those allergies medicines we can buy at the pharmacy???

I was looking for a place to have lunch and as usual, I was trying to find a place that I can spend few minutes and allow my creativity flow, which means, a place with Free WI-FI.  So I was craving for French Onion soup but I couldn’t find a place to park the car, which made me so frustated that I decided to drive back home. In the middle of the way back home, I saw this place called “Einstein Bros Bagels” and since I’ve always seen this place but haven’t had a chance to stop by, I decided to give a shot.

Even though I wasn’t sure they had wi-fi, I decided to stop and have lunch. For my surprise they have wi-fi connection and they do serve soup, but not French Onion so I gave up on my soup craving and decided to try one of their sandwiches. I chose a Turkey Club Panini with tomato, lettuce and mayo. What a surprise when I found out the sandwich is served with a Potato salad as a side dish! A clear remind about what should I post today.

It was so great and definitely made my day.  But the greatest part of it is that the pit stop for lunch gave me a little bit of energy. I feel that my battery is low today, despite all the caffeine I’m stuffing in.

But I wouldn’t let you down people and as I promissed, here it is the Potato Salad recipe. Maybe some of you are wondering what side dish you can make for tonight’s dinner, so here’s a good one. This isn’t a side dish just for cookout, I believe it’s a great choice at anytime. You can enjoy combined with a steak or a grilled chicken, or even with a sandwich. Either ways it will be a great combination.



6 Potatoes (peeled and cooked, cut in small squares);

– 1 jar of mayo (you don’t necessarily need to use all of it)

– 2 boiled eggs

– 2 tbsp of lemon juice

– 1 can of corn

– salt, pepper, other spices (like oregano, basil)

How to make:

– Allow potatoes to cool off before you start;

– Leave the eggs for last;

– Combine all the other ingredients in a container;

– Put as much as mayo as you like;

– Season to taste;

– Add the sliced eggs; 

– Refrigerate before serving.

– Enjoy!!

Rainy Doughnuts & Coffee

Hi Guys, how is everyone doing???

Today is a nice and Rainy day. I woke up early and I could hear the rain outside of my window. How nice if we can stay in bed on rainy days, right? I’d love too. But just like most of you, I also have to get up and start my day. Today’s going to be a busy but not unusual day. And telling the truth, I like days like this. Sometimes if I have nothing to do because I’m off, I end up getting so bored, I feel lazy, and even my body starts to ache. I don’t feel like working out, I don’t feel like doing anything.

But anyway, this rainy days also brings to me so many good memories. I remember on rainy days my gradmother would make us a little doughnuts that she calls ” rainy doughnuts” because they are special for the rainy days. They are so good!! And it’s not just the doughnuts, it’s all the good moments this “rainy doughnuts” brings along. As soon as it is done, she sets up the table, she makes a fresh coffee, hot milk, fresh bread, we sit down all of us together and it goes on all afternoon long. We simply love it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the rainy days also makes me feel a little bit more introspective but on a positive way. I think about my life, my family, and everything around me. The noise of the rain really has a calming effect. I try to slow down my thoughts and to see everything on a different perspective. 

It’s also really a nice time to watch a movie. I miss the time when I was on 7th grade, I used to come home from school, have lunch and lay down on the couch watching tv and of course, 10 minutes later, I would be sleeping. What a life! So nice those afternoon naps! No worries (maybe just a little bit about the test next day, but I could study later!)

I know I told you guys I’d post my Potato Salad recipe on the next post, but I don’t wanna mix subjects. So today I will post the famous “Rainy doughnuts”, and the Potato Salad on the next post. How about that?


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Wheat Flour enough to become a dough.
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • Sugar and Cinnamon


  1. Mix all the ingredients until it becomes a dough, not too soft nor as hard.
  2. Heat a pan with enough oil so the dough can float
  3. When the oil is hot, start putting spoonfuls of dough and lower the heat so the doughnuts does not get raw on the inside, fry until they get a golden.
  4. Place the doughnuts on a paper towel to drain the oil. 
  5. Roll them on sugar with cinnamon if you like, our pour both on top of the doughnuts.

You can either eat warm or cold. Enjoy!!




Have a cupcake day!

Manicure & Pedicure

Hi everyone, how is your weekend going so far?

I’m having a wonderful weekend, very relaxing and cozy. Friday night I went to my friend’s birthday. We didn’t stay for to long because we both, me and my boyfriend were not feeling good. He has the alergies driving him crazy and I had a bad stomach ache. Too bad =( But mission was accomplished, I gave my friend Cris a big hug and her gift.

Saturday we decided to take it easy. No big plans, so we just slept in and had lunch. In the afternoon I decided to get my nails done and I went to one of this places around the city that we have never been, but who cares, they are all the same afterwards. I’m sorry for whoever disagree with me, but that’s how I feel. Not so say bad things about this places, sometimes I’m luck enough to get a great job done on my nails. But sometimes, I feel that I could had done better (maybe!!).

I know I wasn’t born to do my own nail and my eyebrown and things like that. My sister, OMG, she does everything by herself, she even cuts her own hair. And guess what? Her hair cut is always super nice. I wish I could do it. I can do it (if I really want, I can learn how to do it), but the truth is: I love to have someone doing for me! I love to have someone washing my hair, giving a massage on my hands and feet, oh yes, feels soooo good! So I got a great job done yesterday and I choose to do the French Nails and now I feel fresh and great that my nails are looking neat. Nothing better then take care of yourself. Even my boyfriend liked so much how my nails looks with the French nails that he wants me to always do like this from now on. At night, we made spaghetti with meatballs for us and we watched ” Little Fockers”. So much fun.

Sunday has just begun and we still on the “take it easy” mode. I have a meeting now at 3pm, it’s going to be a cook out (hopefully the rain is not gonna bother the plans) and I have to bring a side dish with me. I choose to make a brazilian Potato Salad…. I’ll post the recipe on the next post. Keep it tuned!

To end our great weekend, we had a birthday party after my meeting. Oh boy…what a nice weekend!

Happy Birthday to my cousin Nathalia. I wish you all the best!!

A wonderful Sunday for all of you and a great week.

Have a cupcake day!

Friends, Fun & Cupcakes!

 Friends, Fun and Cupcakes!

What a busy week. But it’s gone. The days are passing by so fast that I just realized that  it’s friday already. Yesterday I was off so I decided to sleep in a little bit, just take my time and relax.

The big plan of the day was to have lunch with a new friend. I had such a great time and gave me lots of ideas and energy to keep going. It’s always nice to get to know people, make friends, laugh, say non-sense things.I love to have girls time and every woman should do it once in awhile.  We are always so busy and of course as a result, we are always so tired that we hardly dedicate few hours to sit down, talk about important and unimportant things with our friends or even spend time by ourselves, getting to know us better. So go ahead, give yourself some time, allow you to have some fun and go for it. Call a friend and go grab a coffee or something!

May: The Birthday Month

As my sister always say: May is the Birthday month! We have so many birthdays on May that sometimes we cannot even go to all of them. So here are my special wishes of  Happy Cupcake Birthday to:

May 13 –  Nicole and Cristiane;
May 15- Nathalia 

 Enjoy your day girls! May all your wishes come true!

And for all of you I wish a wonderful weekend, with lots of friends, fun and of course Cupcakes!

Have a Cupcake Day!



Happy Birthday Grandma! Feliz Aniversario Vovo’

This post is especially for someone how has been so important in my life since I wasn’t even born yet. She has such a big heart, she’s always so patience and has the best hug ever!  The post will be in English and in Portuguese:

My dear grandmother Maria, you were born to live the dream of God with your life. God gave you ability to love, care, educate and be the heart of our family.

Today I can see you are like a flower appreciated by us all.
A flower that everyone wants to touch, and at the same time protect.
A flower given to each of us by God, by being a visible sign of his love for us.

I ask the Lord that on this  special day, you receive from Him the better in your life,
the perfect gift and every good gift. Never forget that God made you a great woman,
and gave you faith and ability to care for all our family, being an example of mother, grandmother and wife.

Thank you Grandma, for all you did and do for us, and know that
to be your granddaughter is a great joy and blessing of the Lord.

I love you and God give you a lot of joy, health and peace.

Happy Birthday.


Minha querida avó, você nasceu para viver o sonho de Deus com sua vida.
Deus lhe deu capacidade para amar, cuidar, educar e ser o coração da nossa familia.
Hoje posso ver que você é como uma flor apreciada por todos nós.
Uma flor que todos querem tocar, e ao mesmo tempo proteger.
Uma flor dada a cada um de nós por Deus.

Por ser um sinal visível de seu amor por nós, e
u peço ao Senhor que neste dia especial, você receba Dele, o melhor em sua vida, o dom perfeito e toda boa dádiva. Nunca se esqueça que Deus fez de você uma grande mulher, e lhe deu capacidade e fé de cuidar de toda nossa família, sendo um exemplo de mãe, esposa, avó e mulher. Obrigada minha avó, por tudo o que fez  e faz por nós, e saiba que ser sua neta é uma grande alegria para mim. Uma grande benção do Senhor.
Eu amo você, Deus lhe derrame muita alegria, saúde e paz.
Feliz Aniversário.

A wonderful week for all of you!
Have a Cupcake Day!